Residential Income Properties

Ideal Location Risk Index

When a Single Family Income Properties meet the Ideal Location Risk Index we will partner with you on the Acquisition !

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Tenants in Place !

Our professional property management teams have a tenant in place prior to your closing! And to further mitigate risks we insure our tenants against job loss to protect your income stream.

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Investment Grade Residential

Double Digit ROI's with Professional Underwriting, Risk Mitigation Capital & Managment in the process.

A Team Effort

Our local market asset teams consist of real estate analysts, private equity sources, construction professionals, property managers and private lenders. Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Ft Myers, Houston, Indianapolis, Tulsa

Institutions Buying Homes

No longer the domain of Main Street investors Wall Street is now spending Billions acquiring Single Family Homes because of attractive tields

Build Your Portfolio

Individual Cash Flow Positive Homes Starting from $50,000 USD. Cap Rates & Return on Investment from 10%+ GET ON THE WAITING LIST NOW!

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Investment Grade Residential Income Property - Your Acquisition, Underwriting, Risk Mitigation, Management & Capital Partners

Top U.S. Markets

1Our Asset Teams are rehabbing and tenanting properties in Top U.S. Markets!  Choose Assets from  Atlanta, Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Ft Myers, Indianapolis, Memphis,  Orlando & Tulsa. Individual Residential Income Properties starting from  $50,000 USD to SFH Portfolio’s from $1M USD+

Risk Mitigation

2Our preliminary underwriting vets each individual residential income  property analyzing local market data from owner occupancy ratio’s to crime statistics. When a property meets our algorithms guidelines Ideal Location capital partners will bring 50% of the money to the table for the acquisition

Real Numbers

3Together we partner with you to insure you properly budget for all operating expenses and that our your income properties income stream is insured to further mitigate risks with your investment . High Single Digit to Low Double Digit Cap Rates & Return on Investments. Real Yields!

Capital Partners

4When an asset meets the Ideal Location Risk Index, The Property has been rehabbed a tenant placed and insured  we are so confident in our underwriting and risk mitigation that we will bring 1/2 the acquisition capital to the table to further increase your leverage and ROI.